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Final Guy Status (1996 Movie) - Wikipedia


Last Man Standing is a 1996 American movement movie written and directed via Walter Hill and starring Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken, and Bruce Dern. It is a credited remake of Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo.Plot[edit]

In Prohibition-era Texas, a wanderer named John Smith (Bruce Willis) drives his Ford Model A Coupe into the small bordertown of Jericho. As he arrives, a younger female named Felina (Karina Lombard) crosses the road, catching Smith's eye. Moments later, a set of Irish mobsters, led by Finn (Patrick Kilpatrick), surround Smith's car. They warn him against gazing "Doyle's property" and spoil up his car.

Stranded and without a money to get his automobile constant, Smith goes to see Sheriff Ed Galt (Bruce Dern); the cowardly Galt refuses to help him. Instead, Smith walks to the town hotel, run by way of Joe Monday (William Sanderson), gets a drink and a room, and hands himself. He then goes to Doyle's headquarters and demanding situations Finn to a duel, which Smith wins with alarming velocity. Smith departs and returns to the resort bar, a great deal to the wonder of Jericho's residents.

Learning of Finn's loss of life, Fredo Strozzi (Ned Eisenberg), the pinnacle of Jericho's Italian gang, gives Smith a activity in his outfit. Strozzi is eager to wipe out his competitors, and is hiring anyone who can fight to accumulate his gang. Smith agrees to his offer and meets Giorgio Carmonte (Michael Imperioli), son of a distinguished Chicago mobster who is tracking Strozzi's activities in Jericho. Carmonte expresses his on the spot mistrust and dislike of Smith, who leaves, and meets and seduces Strozzi's mistress, Lucy (Alexandra Powers).

Smith accompanies Strozzi and his men to a backcountry avenue, wherein they meet Ramirez, a corrupt Mexican police respectable on Doyle's payroll. The gang ambushes and kills Doyle's guys and seizes a caravan of illicit liquor. Carmonte travels to Mexico to reduce more offers with Ramirez, even as Doyle (David Patrick Kelly) and his leader enforcer, Hickey (Christopher Walken) return to Jericho and are knowledgeable of Finn's dying and the lack of the cargo. Smith defects to Doyle's side and famous Ramirez's betrayal. Hickey travels to Mexico, kills Ramirez and a corrupt Border Patrol officer involved inside the liquor trade, and kidnaps Carmonte. Doyle contacts Strozzi and demands a massive ransom for Carmonte, in addition to the go back of his trucks. Strozzi in flip kidnaps Felina and offers to trade her as a substitute. The two gangs make the change and return to their respective empires.

Smith is summoned via Sheriff Galt and meets Captain Tom Pickett (Ken Jenkins) of the Texas Rangers, who has been despatched to analyze the Patrol officer's demise. He warns Smith that he can tolerate one gang in Jericho, but no longer two, and intends to carry a organisation of Rangers in ten days to wipe out both facets if one isn't destroyed. As Smith leaves, Pickett warns him that if he unearths him there after ten days, he's going to kill him as properly.

Lucy comes to Smith and well-knownshows that Strozzi had her ear reduce off for dozing with him. Smith gives her some cash and puts her on a bus out of Jericho. The subsequent day, Smith relays a fake rumor that Strozzi is bringing in extra infantrymen. Playing on Doyle's obsession with Felina, he convinces Doyle that Strozzi will try to kidnap her again to learn in which Felina is being kept. Smith kills the guys guarding Felina and gives her considered one of Doyle's automobiles and some cash. The next day, Smith is waiting on the safehouse when Doyle arrives, and claims that he arrived too late to preserve Strozzi from kidnapping Felina. Doyle's henchman Jack McCool (R. D. Call) believes Smith's tale, but Hickey does now not. Doyle is going berserk and pronounces all-out conflict on Strozzi and his gang.

Smith's plan goes awry whilst Hickey ambushes him, having acquired word that Felina was spotted heading in the direction of Mexico. Doyle imprisons Smith and has him tortured, worrying to understand wherein Felina is. Despite the heavy torture inflicted on him, Smith refuses to speak. Later that night, he overpowers his guards and escapes with Monday and Sheriff Galt. As they are riding out of city, they see Hickey and his men slaughtering Strozzi's gang at a roadhouse. Strozzi and Carmonte try and surrender, however are gunned down with out mercy.

Smith takes refuge at a far off church where Felina went to hope. Two days later, Sheriff Galt arrives and informs Smith that Monday was caught smuggling food and water to the church and that Doyle will likely torture him to dying. He then fingers Smith his pistols, pronouncing it really is all of the help he is inclined to provide. Smith returns to town, kills McCool and the relaxation of Doyle's men, and rescues Monday. Doyle and Hickey are absent, having long gone down to Mexico in a desperate search for Felina. Smith lures Doyle to his vicinity, and lets Monday take revenge by using taking pictures the gangster along with his revolver. Hickey pretends to surrender and attempts to kill Smith, who outdraws and shoots him dead.

In the aftermath, Smith receives into his Ford and drives on to Mexico, his original vacation spot.Cast[edit]Production[edit]Development and writing[edit]

Walter Hill changed into approached by way of producer Arthur Sarkassian to remake the Japanese movie Yojimbo (1961), which Akira Kurosawa no longer best directed but also co-wrote with Ryūzō Kikushima. Hill says, "It took me a long time to be persuaded to do it. I notion the very idea of adapting Mr. Kurosawa turned into madness for the obvious motives. The first film turned into very, excellent and in addition I would be within the lengthy shadow of Mr. Kurosawa who is probably our most revered filmmaker."[four]

When he discovered that Kurosawa changed into supportive of an American remake, Hill agreed to put in writing and direct—but at the condition that the film now not be a Western (there had already been an unauthorized European remake, the Spaghetti Western A Fistful of Dollars, which have been the concern of litigation). He decided to do it as a Thirties gangster movie the usage of strategies of 1940s movie noir.

"This is the story of a terrible man, who as soon as he arrives starts offevolved pushing buttons and doing things best for himself", stated Hill. "But we additionally find out that this guy is at a factor of spiritual disaster with himself and his personal past. And this guy makes a decision that maybe he should do one excellent deed, even though it is going against all of the rules of his existence as he is aware it ... The motion and the violence should be natural to the story being informed. I assume that is manifestly by way of its nature a totally dark and very difficult movie, so I think it would be cheating to tell the story and gift the physicality in a softer manner. Besides, I don't suppose that is the most brutal movie possible. There's honestly little or no blood aside from inside the sequence wherein Bruce gets overwhelmed up."[four]

He admitted the movie become now not realistic. "I do not suppose something corresponding to the social realism movies of the Thirties is being attempted", he stated. "We're into a 'as soon as upon a time' mythic-poetic situation."[four]

Hill signed to make the mission in 1994.[5] The movie was inexperienced lit with the aid of New Line Cinema's head of manufacturing Michael De Luca who allotted a $40 million finances.[6] The movie became recognized by using several titles together with "Gundown", then "Gangster", then "Welcome to Jericho."

Hill later stated that he and Bruce Willis "have been now not close whilst we did the movie" but "I liked operating with him. It become impersonal. Classic, 'I realize what you suggest. You want me to be a Bogart, Mitchum kind of man' and I said 'Exactly. Let it show up.' He then took that and gave what I notion turned into a excellent performance. I constantly sensed there has been a sort of core resentment that Bruce felt he need to be more preferred for his capabilities. At the identical time I suppose there's a issue, that he does positive matters higher than others, and he hasn't constantly chosen so wisely."[7]

Hill's authentic reduce of the film changed into over hours long. Before Hill edited the final theatrical version his rough cut turned into used to edit the trailers for the movie, that is why there is lot of trade/deleted pictures proven in them, along with many change takes, one-of-a-kind edits of a few scenes, extended variations of scenes, some more traces of discussion, shots and elements of deleted scenes inclusive of additional shootout series among gangs and exchange finishing wherein Hickey is killed through Smith in a extraordinary way. Some promotional stills and snap shots also display numerous deleted scenes.Reception[edit]Box office[edit]

The movie turned into a container workplace bomb, grossing best a complete $18,127,448 domestically by December 22, 1996, and brought in $47,267,001 worldwide.[2]Critical reaction[edit]

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